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The bird population continues to be rich and varied despite the fact that an important orchard was totally cleared last year. The loss of this means a depletion of food and nesting sites for the Little Owls and Woodpeckers. However, the hedgerows, thistles and remaining trees are still providing the necessary requirements for the birds! The highlights of the last few months are as follows:


An extremely exciting new sighting this month was of a Spotted Flycatcher (a red-listed bird) in a hedge near Cherringtons. (We used to get these in our garden in the Crippetts years ago). A flock of over 50 Goldfinches was seen over the smallholdings, the abundant thistles and other seedheads there probably providing food for them. A Coal Tit was spotted in Kidnappers Lane.


Another new addition to the list was of a Nuthatch seen near Hatherley Brook. (This brings the total of bird sightings of the last 8 years to 66). A Lesser Whitethroat was spotted in the smallholdings and a Mistle Thrush in Cherringtons Orchard.


A Treecreeper was caught sight of near Hatherley Brook. These tend to scurry around the boles of trees a bit like mice. Also near Hatherley Brook, Redwings were seen and Bullfinches in Kidnappers Lane.


4 male Song Thrushes were heard in song. Starlings (red-listed) were seen in Burrows Field and 2 Fieldfares near Cherringtons.


A Sparrowhawk appeared near Moat Cottage. Pied Wagtails were seen in the smallholdings and Greenfinches and Chaffinches near Hatherley Brook.


A group of approximately 6 female Pheasants was seen near Cherringtons. A Greater Spotted Woodpecker was sighted near Hatherley Brook and the House Sparrows (red-listed) were in evidence in Burrows hedge. A Buzzard was spotted soaring near Shurdington Road. We heard Tawny Owls in our copse in The Crippetts as well as in January.

If more specific information is required on the wildlife seen, please contact me. See telephone number below.

My thanks to Tony and Frances Meredith who continue to do the invaluable surveys each month. If anyone has any information on the birds seen in the LEGLAG and surrounding area, could they please telephone me on 01242 862564.

(Steve Gladstone)

Highlights of Recent Bird Sightings in the LEGLAG area